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Special Programs

"Patti-- everybody here LOVES you! Your program has been so well received, I can't begin to tell you! You are a smash hit! . . . please know how much we're enjoying having you & L.J. with us this summer!   

Liz Mc Chesney, Youth Programming, Thomas Hughes Children's Library

Patti Ecker creates special programs for senior residences, libraries and museums with L.J. Slavin, and performs music in Spoon River Anthology with Paddy and Jon Lynn. Go to the drop down menu and click for more information.

Patti and L.J



 Spoon River Anthology

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Upcoming Shows

  • Nov 21
    Saratoga Grove,  Downers Grove
  • Nov 25
    Elevated Concert Series,  Chicago
  • Dec 7
    Sunrise of Willowbrook,  Willowbrook
  • Dec 19
    Saratoga Grove,  Downers Grove
  • Mar 15
    Villa St. Benedict,  Lisle

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Phone 847-803-9669

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