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"For musical performer Patti Ecker, there seemingly isn’t any song she can’t learn to sing, or any instrument that she won’t attempt to play."

          Derek Wolff, Highland Park Landmark

"Ecker’s expressive, conversational vocal style works no matter what the genre . . ."  

Chip Withrow, The Muse's Muse Reviews


Enter the versatile, eclectic world of Patti Ecker, Chicagoland singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and energetic entertainer.

Come on in and browse around! You'll find information on Patti's senior programs, shows with Paddy Lynn, old-time programs with L.J. Slavin, Steampunk shows,  historical programs, original music and much more!




Spoon River Anthology has been chosen as part of the Illinois Humanities Council's "Road Scholars" special Illinois Bicentennial celebration roster!

Great American Song Contest Finalist for "Elsie"

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Upcoming Shows

  • May 30
    Belmont Village Buffalo Grove,  Buffalo Grove
  • Jun 1
    Long Grove Historical Society,  Long Grove
  • Jun 6
    Sunrise of Willowbrook,  Willowbrook
  • Jun 10
    Belmont Village Buffalo Grove,  Buffalo Grove
  • Jun 21
    Sunrise of Wilmette,  Wilmette

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Phone 847-803-9669

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