Gypsy Lover's Eyes
Far beyond the city sin, where the moon’s a tangerine
On a starry summer night
Listen to the mandolin, and the laughing tambourine
Dancers in the firelight.
There’s one boy who loves me - He’s as open as the skies
All the world is bright above me - In my Gypsy lover’s eyes

Is he handsome? I think so! Is he gentle? Yes indeed
With a touch so fine and strong
If he asks me I will go wherever he may lead
Though the journey may be long
No need to be troubled - by the wherefores and the whys
I will always find my answers - in my Gypsy Lover’s eyes

Gypsy Eyes are watching me
Playfully, lovingly
They see into the heart of me
Warm and steady and wise

Luck is dancin’ in the wind
You can read it tin the Tarot
You can feel it in the air
Maybe we are rich as kings
Or maybe poor as sparrows
Maybe we don’t care
Life doesn’t worry me
Cause I’ve got the prize
I have all the gold I’ll ever need

In my Gypsy Lover’s Eyes

In my Gypsy Lover’s Eyes