"I know what she can do. She can write songs. The blues and jazz are buried deep within her, and maybe that is why she has that aura of the stage."   

Frank Gutch, FAME Music Reviews

 "Patti Ecker is a gifted songwriter in many styles, and a singer who can tackle any kind of song."   

Chip Withrow, The Muse's Muse Music Reviews


Gyspsy DreamyBio (For folk and singer/songwriter venues)

With a performing style that embraces the audience, Patti Ecker plays guitar in a strong, percussive style that complements her warm, soulful voice. She sings classic and torchy tunes, but she can tickle and surprise you with her quirky, slice-of-life compositions and absolutely break your heart with her ballads and blues.

Partnering with actors Paddy and Jon Lynn, Patti has joined the Illinois Humanities Council's 2018 Road Scholars roster for "Spoon River Anthology." From 1999-2013, Patti was a teaching artist for the Old Town School of Folk Music's Youth Outreach program. Patti's original songs "Elsie" and "Indifferent Love" each received an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, and "Elsie" was a Finalist in the 2009 Great American Song Contest.




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Thirteen original acoustic-driven rootsy-folk/retro-jazz/dark-blues/power-pop songs and one torchy vintage cover tune--clever, eclectic and soulful.

Patti Ecker: Gypsy Lover
Patti Ecker: Gypsy Lover

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